Providing Analytical and Strategic Consulting Services for global corporations operating in private equity, asset management, finance, law, technology and real estate. 



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Washington Square Analytics

The Firm

Washington Square Analytics provides corporate finance and risk mitigation analysis to select global corporations operating in the sectors of private equity, asset management, finance, technology, real estate and law.  We provide analytical and strategic support to U.S. companies expanding overseas.  The firm assists clients in identifying partners to augment their growth opportunities abroad and advises firms seeking to invest in the United States.  We ensure that our clients possess the best information available in order to make prudent economic decisions for the benefit of their customers, employees and shareholders.

We support companies with insightful economic and political risk analysis, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions analysis, market access and research on personnel.  Our clients benefit from our substantive expertise in finance, trade, investment, transportation, energy, real estate, technology, materials science and consumer products.


Washington Square Analytics provides global corporate finance consulting services.  On behalf of our clients, we perform analysis of acquisition targets, potential merger partners and joint venture candidates.  We provide transactional support for domestic and cross-border acquisitions, divestitures, mergers or joint ventures.  We assist our clients with the development, execution and on-going assessment of business plans and projections for new businesses.  We perform financial modeling, including, detailed projections and offer strategic recommendations.

We provide comprehensive advice on negotiation, structuring and financing of transactions in support of debt or equity capital raises.

We also provide transaction support for the acquisition and divestiture of real estate businesses, loans, portfolios and individual assets in all classes.

Global Corporate Finance


Corporate Risk Analysis

Washington Square Analytics assists clients seeking to grow into new markets and/or business lines.  We calculate the risk/benefit analysis of target markets and provide entrance advice as to timing, competition, economic environment, market share and pricing.  We also identify and vet the best potential local partners in both foreign and domestic markets.

WSA provides ongoing support by tracking political and economic developments in various countries and we assess the potential impact a new development could have on an economy, industry or competitive landscape.


Before hiring senior personnel or entering into a relationship with a new company, our clients ask us to conduct proactive due diligence on operations, officers, directors, operations personnel, suppliers and vendors.

Washington Square Analytics pursues the examination of criminal records, lawsuits, regulatory violations, tax liens, UCC filings, lawsuits and judgments.  We actively research hundreds of watch lists held by law enforcement organizations all over the world, including, the FBI, FinCen, SEC, Interpol, OFAC, CFTC and FINRA.  We also performs in-depth research to determine the reputation of an individual or company.

We also offer active monitoring of companies for any new developments.  We not only report on the new information but also analyze it in real time to understand how it might affect the company or our client.

Due Diligence


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