Donald E. Hockmuth, Jr. is Chief Executive Officer of Washington Square Analytics, Inc. He has been with the firm since its inception. He is responsible for operations and the development and implementation of global strategies to ensure the growth of the company.
Mr. Hockmuth has thirty years of knowledge and experience vis-a-vis international business, operations, sales, finance and banking. He has extensive experience in performing corporate credit analysis to assess the structural strength of potential financings. He possesses an extensive background in global trade, investment, capital flows and the transatlantic economy.

Prior to joining the company, Mr. Hockmuth served as Chief Financial Officer and Gérant of a materials science firm and its French corporate partner both specializing in atomistic modeling. He led a diverse team of scientists and industry professionals engaged in (2008-2013) achieving significant material results for the company’s clients. He was responsible for financial operations, legal affairs, human resources, marketing and sales, specifically, the development and implementation of global sales strategies to ensure financial growth.

Between 1990 and 2008, Mr. Hockmuth founded and directed an eponymous financial advisory firm specializing in complex project financing, highly leveraged transactions, government contracting, acquisitions and restructurings.

Early in his career, Mr. Hockmuth participated in debt negotiation talks between major world banks and the countries of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Concomitant with his doctoral studies, he performed economic and political risk analysis focusing on economic development, national sovereignty over natural resources, protection of alien property, nationalization and evolving norms of international economics and trade.

He was educated at New York University (B.A., 1985, Economics, Journalism and Political Science), Boston College and Fordham University (M.A., 1988, magna cum laude, International Political Economics and Development, doctoral course work completed, 1990).

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